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Android KitKat: The Digital Chocolate

How one perceives a chocolate is how one perceives fun in life! Was told to me by one of my female colleagues at work! I wonder if we could extend the same interpretation to our digital sphere, with Android launching its new mobile operating System, the ever so sweet –Android KitKat, so without further delay […]

iPhone 5S Sales take a leverage over iPhone 5C

Selling an iPhone to someone isn’t much of a deal, selling two isn’t one too, so in short selling iPhone doesn’t really make the sales team sweat, but with two iPhone kins being sold together one needs to put in an effort or either one takes a hit, and that is what is happening with […]

BlackBerry: Attempts a Personal Call!

Sometimes I wonder if the blackberry ping is most heard sound?! Well it is if you are a part of the corporate work culture, not just you guys, but us as well says a teenager pinging someone to glory while we ride back home in a bus! But it seems that the company thinks otherwise […]

iOS 7 Demystified!

With expectations galore, one can only focus to perform and when that someone is Apple you know you are getting something more than just performance, besides bringing true craftsmanship in their products, Apple’s surge has always been on one constant and that is innovation. Though many in the industry try their hand at the age […]