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How app analytics is revolutionizing the mobile world

Analysts have made a living reading and predicting the market trends for decades. The last few years have seen as shift of focus into the digital business model. Apps are the centerpiece of any business, and just like any business before it, people have realized that app analytics are still important not only for the bottom line of the current app, but for the success of future apps.

There are many factors that could make an app successful. It is not about how many downloads you’ve had, but how many you have today, and how many more you will have the next day. An app’s survival depends not on a single bursts of downloads, but with a steady influx of new users. As such tracking your app’s performance on a real-time basis is crucial to positively impacting your app’s next day performance.

It is imperative that you fine-tune the app to cater to the delicate and somewhat fickle tastes of the online community. By app analytics one can measure the app’s acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and ultimately, its revenue. Not only will a through and constant analysis allow you to monitor if the app is successful or not, it can also help you determine if the tastes of your consumers are changing.

Let’s take a look at a couple of statistics that you may encounter during app analysis, and how you can positively impact your app:

• Usage

App usage can be determined by number of activations per day, and how frequent a customer uses the app. You can even try to track how long the user stays in that app. Say for example, you are selling a gaming app, once you see any prolonged drops in your app’s usage statistics, it may be time for you to start building an update to keep things fresh. People get bored, and it is up to you to keep things interesting.

• Audience

Knowing your audience can help you a lot in your next steps with the app. By determining which groups are more likely to download and use your apps, you can center your apps to cater more to their tastes, or to adjust the app so that it caters to the tastes of a wider group of users. Demographic shifts will allow you to determine where to increase your marketing, and where to ease up, so you won’t have to overexert yourself to reach those that you already reach well.

As you can see, there are various ways for app analytics to help you completely overturn your app’s situation in the market. There are countless more data that you can wade through to keep your app afloat in a sea of apps in the wide market, so start as early as you can.