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Windows Phone Update unfurling at snail speed!

AdDuplex – a Cross-Promotion Network for Windows Store Apps announced this weekend, that according to its mapped data that the Window’s update 3 for the phone is just installed on 15% windows phone 8 handsets.

Microsoft had revealed the Update 3 also known as GDR3 in October last year wherein it mentioned what all would be included and it would provide notes which would indicate it’s delivery schedule.

It was obvious that Developers would get their hands on the same much earlier than the average Windows Phone 8 handset user, and it was assumed that the latter would be getting the update right between fall and early 2014.

What seems disappointing is the fact that come February the update has only reached a mere 15% handsets, though the pace is expected is to surge within a few months, but the long wait seems to become a trend for the Windows phone world.

Carriers seem to be the road block in this particular case and unless Microsoft is devising an alternative strategy for distribution of the update, it may result in its users being fragmented with some having the new version update while other’s don’t, which will not only hamper the development but will also result in a loss for user experience for Microsoft.

Another predicament that poses in front of Microsoft is the release date of Window’s phone 8.1 which would be due anytime in April 2014. With this there is an obvious question whether to wait for the update or for the new phone