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Apple phones could be bigger in the future… per WSJ

Ok so first they were going longer and now, they choose to make it larger? , Thank you Apple for paying attention to the width, but it takes more than just the dimensions to become like Android!

Though it’s a word from the grapevine that Apple intends to make larger phones, the information is being sourced from WSJ report which states that Apple iPhone will be coming out with larger screens.

It is said that one iPhone shall have a 4.5 inch display and another will sport a 5 inch display, which would be of the same size as Galaxy SIII and SIV respectively.

Apple iPhone started with a 3.5 inch display, it then graduated to 4 inch in iPhone 5. Apple has always been forced to play along with Android in offering larger screens, but with Apple stuck with a smaller display, Android manufacturers had various sizes to play with. The apparent reason for Apple to play with this idea of increasing the display size could be due to the ‘love for large displays’ by Asian customers.

Quick Updates for Apple iOS 7.1 – Developer’s Exclusive!

As if we were done tasting the Apple iOS7, Apple has seeded the new iOS7.1, developer version.
18th Nov 2013, Monday was when Apple released it for developers only, which as per the geeks is supposed to be tackling a lot of glitches present in the iOS7.

The version currently present in the market is the 7.0.4, which was released recently in order to fix the face time bug.

Apple is updating the revolutionary OS quite frequently, as observed by the industry, with the latest release specifically meant for developers, Apple claims to have sorted quite a many issues, which were earlier being troublesome to developers. The hiccups that have been resolved are

• Bluetooth Connectivity.
• CF Network.
• Notes.
• Core Text.
• Crash Logs.
• GL Kit.
• UI Kit.
• High Precision Timers.
• iTunes Match.
• Multi peer Connect.

With Apple’s quick updates, one can understand the company’s being forced to become competitive by getting quick fixes even before people could gulp the whole iOS7 update. Buck up Android! As for now the score for Apple to Android is 2-1.Apple

Don’t text while you drive, Heaven can wait!

In a recent contest Command X at American Institute of Graphic Arts design conference, Joey Cofone won the first place for his idea of a ‘Car mode’ being built in to the new iOS7, for app idea on the theme don’t text while you drive. The theme of the contest was to get a design which could stop people from texting while driving and Cofone bagged the premier position. The design which is still to be worked upon would have features like

  • Enforcing the mode would prohibit the user to view and send text messages.
  • Automatic messages would also be sent to people texting the user while the mode is active.

Also No text message notifications will be entertained during the mode.However, GPS and hands free calling would still be active.

Cofone talked about his philosophy behind the idea which was “people can’t resist texting back”, hence came up with this unique concept.

He also said “many people die every year while texting enroute” and he plans that if incase Apple decides to integrate this concept, he would ask them to tie up with insurance companies who can analyze safe drivers using this concept and reward them accordingly!

iPad Air: A new benchmark that doesn’t weigh you down!

If you blind fold a person and give him something to hold, the first noticeable point is the weight, I mean the touch of the surface and everything is always there, but it’s how heavy the thing (it’s kinda to do with gravity I guess) is what pops first to a person’s mind, I wonder what would happen if that thing was the new Apple iPad –Air, Air? Yes that is what they want us to call it.

Losing almost 33% of it’s predecessors flab, the iPad is all set to give an awesome experience with almost no strain on hands. Also this would be the first time that an iPad can be held in just one hand. Besides the weight it’s also 20% slimmer but not something you notice unless you make an effort.

So we get it! The new iPad has lost weight and is also slimmer, what else?

No disappointments there as well, with the screen size of 9.7 inches and a Resolution of 2048 x 1536 it packs quite a punch!

From the processor point of view it would offer an A7 chip with 64 bit architecture along with a M7 motion co-processor enabling those apps to open and work almost instantly.

With a decent Battery life of 10 Hrs in terms of Video Playback it can engage you for the better part of the day.
Before we forget there is yet another thing that one doesn’t really notice unless it happens in the new iPad Air is when you put your thumb on the edge of the screen, the device is intelligent enough to know that you are just resting it and not wanting to flip the page.

Though many features that Apple highlights are still to stand the test of user experience post it’s launch on 1st November 2013 but one thing we can vouch safe is that with Apple creating the this product, they would have to try real hard to better this one!