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Best Taxi Apps!!

We live in app-centric age where almost every industry is making an app for themselves, making “there’s an app for everything” a reality. One such industry is the Taxi industry. For the past year, before smartphones took the world, getting a Taxi could be such a hassle. Sometimes, you might even need Superman level whistling skills just to land one. Now, hailing a taxi could not be simpler thanks to a myriad of taxi apps. Still, with a lot of choices out there, which one is really the Best Taxi app to use?

Should it be UBER?

Probably the service that popularized the idea, UBER is like the premium taxi-limo service that people have begun to love. You get excellent service from UBER “professionals” and you can keep track of your ride anytime using your phone. Transactions are kept cashless, and you can keep track of the whole ride with the app. It is currently the largest “private-like” taxi service in the world, but it can be a bit pricy at times. Read more

Taxi Apps – Mobile Technology in Taxi Business

Mobile Technology has become the centerpiece in the new business model of taxi services. Mobile technology in terms of taxi apps has bring a lot of conveniences both to the drivers and the customers. It has managed to improve income for many drivers, and it is clear that if you are not yet optimizing the use of mobile technology in your taxi business, you are definitely far behind in the curve and the income it generates. Mobile technology has solved a number of issues that drivers and customers has had for years.


Taxi’s used to have a problem where there are just days when they would end up wandering aimlessly in the streets and not being able to find a customer. They would end up wasting a lot of gas and time, with no income. With taxi apps, they can now minimize their downtime since there is always a customer in every destination, without having to wander around aimlessly.

Carrying Change

The credit card industry has been trying to penetrate the taxi business for years, but with mobile technology, they finally have that link towards cashless transactions. Taxi apps now allow customers to pay via credit card, reducing the need for keeping a lot of change, and the hassle of carrying cash in the car, which can often be easily stolen.

Communication and Feedback

For taxi companies, it has been very difficult for them to properly screen their drivers. Sad to say, there are a lot of bad drives out there with even worse customer service. For customers, mobile technology gives them a voice. Now they can issue feedback about their ride, and can even put up commendations for great drivers through taxi apps.

Safety and Security

Mobile technology has allowed riding a taxi a bit more secure, especially for someone who is not familiar with the lay of the land. Mobile mapping and navigation services allow customers to be in better control of their route, and they can easily see if the taxi is taking the long way around. Alternatively, taxi apps also allow them to share their current position, plate number, and even the driver’s profile, allowing their loved ones to keep track of their ride, preventing cases of kidnapping or theft.

The advancements in mobile technology has completely changed the battlefield of many businesses. Communication became faster and cheaper, the exchange of data is enterprise is almost seamless, and many businesses, new and old, are moving to the cloud. Mobile technology has become a game changer, and it continues to drive change in a business as old as the Taxi Business.