Quick Updates for Apple iOS 7.1 – Developer’s Exclusive!

As if we were done tasting the Apple iOS7, Apple has seeded the new iOS7.1, developer version.
18th Nov 2013, Monday was when Apple released it for developers only, which as per the geeks is supposed to be tackling a lot of glitches present in the iOS7.

The version currently present in the market is the 7.0.4, which was released recently in order to fix the face time bug.

Apple is updating the revolutionary OS quite frequently, as observed by the industry, with the latest release specifically meant for developers, Apple claims to have sorted quite a many issues, which were earlier being troublesome to developers. The hiccups that have been resolved are

• Bluetooth Connectivity.
• CF Network.
• Notes.
• Core Text.
• Crash Logs.
• GL Kit.
• UI Kit.
• High Precision Timers.
• iTunes Match.
• Multi peer Connect.

With Apple’s quick updates, one can understand the company’s being forced to become competitive by getting quick fixes even before people could gulp the whole iOS7 update. Buck up Android! As for now the score for Apple to Android is 2-1.Apple

Apple’s Remote App gets an aesthetics job!

The new Apple’s Remote App has undergone a lot of change in terms of aesthetics, with thin lines, translucent elements and a dominating monochromatic interface, it is to quite an extent aping the iOS7’s new design.

Though this update is reflecting more on the iPhone than the iPad, you can be sure that a separate release for the iPAD must be following through.

With Aesthetics going through a major change in this app, the functionality of the app seems to be unchanged with the same features of browsing the iTunes library on any MAC or PC connected to your network along with managing your Up Next Queue or model and use the app like a remote or a keyboard for the Apple TV.

One new feature that marks its entry into the new update is the ‘Genius Shuffle option’ which was introduced in the iTunes 11.1 version. In remote it is available through the Up Next menu.

iTunes Radio doesn’t seem to be making new splashes, as the old radio features is still available.

With Apple putting apps through the knife to get in tune with the new iOS7, people who were expecting more of non-music controls for their Apple TV are surely getting disappointed and should wait for Apple’s next update.

Don’t text while you drive, Heaven can wait!

In a recent contest Command X at American Institute of Graphic Arts design conference, Joey Cofone won the first place for his idea of a ‘Car mode’ being built in to the new iOS7, for app idea on the theme don’t text while you drive. The theme of the contest was to get a design which could stop people from texting while driving and Cofone bagged the premier position. The design which is still to be worked upon would have features like

  • Enforcing the mode would prohibit the user to view and send text messages.
  • Automatic messages would also be sent to people texting the user while the mode is active.

Also No text message notifications will be entertained during the mode.However, GPS and hands free calling would still be active.

Cofone talked about his philosophy behind the idea which was “people can’t resist texting back”, hence came up with this unique concept.

He also said “many people die every year while texting enroute” and he plans that if incase Apple decides to integrate this concept, he would ask them to tie up with insurance companies who can analyze safe drivers using this concept and reward them accordingly!

Web Based Windows Phone Developer Tool tips the scale with NFC!

On its launch in August this year the Windows Phone App Studio was considered to be a downer, but the tool proved otherwise and is gaining popularity with 65,000+ apps already being built on it! With Microsoft hoping to maintain the same momentum is introducing more powerful features which will encourage developers to thrust more on app making.

Using the simple menu Driven “Actions” Beta users will now be able to integrate other phone functions into their apps that would include ‘Context Aware tasks’ like dialing numbers. The new update would also include NFC which would enable to share software to other App Studio Users, which in a way can broaden the horizons of creative app making.

We suggest that you go and unleash your creativity with the beta’s new tricks, by just a simple signup on the sourcelink.

Android KitKat: The Digital Chocolate

How one perceives a chocolate is how one perceives fun in life! Was told to me by one of my female colleagues at work! I wonder if we could extend the same interpretation to our digital sphere, with Android launching its new mobile operating System, the ever so sweet –Android KitKat, so without further delay let’s get to know the highlighting features of the about to be released Android KitKat 4.4

So how are we looking?

With every new release Android has given special concern to not only the background but also to the foreground, while the former we mean aspects like functionality in general the latter consists of the UI and the generic look and feel of the operating system. Talking about the UI there has been an apparent change in the color scheme, notifications and other UI enhancements.

I am running Ice Cream Sandwich, can I taste KitKat?

Well with the changes that Google has intended to make by introducing Wider Hardware support, you certainly can run KitKat on your device. Google has heard the outcries of existing Android users who are stuck at previous versions of the operating system not being able to upgrade to the latest due to Andriod’s strict hardware restrictions that come up with every new version. However Google has put in serious efforts to mend the same, and the changes should reflect in KitKat.

Bundled Cloud Storage

With the concept of Cloud storage slowly becoming old news, Google thinks it needs to integrate cloud storage more closely to Android, probably they are following Apple’s lead of iCloud. Though we could still use Google+ to automatically backup photos but then there still remains a lot of scope of improvement which we should see in the new version.

Battery will not die so soon!

A better usage of multi core CPUs along with the OS being lightweight shall lend a hand to the stamina of the battery.
From Exotic Landscapes to Picturesque Portraits
A smoother transition between the two orientations Landscape and Portrait has been promised giving it that slick appeal, eventually providing an enriching experience for the users.

So when are we actually getting it?

Google will be hosting an event on the 24th October 2013, this is where it is speculated that the launch of Google Nexus 5 along with KitKat 4.4 will be launched.

Though with the release of the new iOS7 preceding to the KitKat, yet one can see a lot of look and feel similar to that of Android. With Apple following suit to Android, there are a lot of expectations from KitKat. The only question is Will Google be able to deliver?