iOS 7 Demystified!

With expectations galore, one can only focus to perform and when that someone is Apple you know you are getting something more than just performance, besides bringing true craftsmanship in their products, Apple’s surge has always been on one constant and that is innovation. Though many in the industry try their hand at the age old concept of innovation, but then it is up to companies like Apple to simplify innovation and bring it to the user in a manner which seems natural and may get the user intrigued. With that prelude we take a dig in Apple’s latest innovation(yes we are calling it that) iOS7. iOS7 which is available to be downloaded and used on various Apple’s devices such as iPads, iPhones and iPods worldwide is offering more than just a better UI (I mean Apple’s UI has always been an icing on the cake)

I am an end user, I like Apple products, how? does iOS 7 make sense to me?

iOS 7 has a lot to offer when it comes to efficient processor performance alongside the capabilities of powerful multitasking, which if we relate technologically would mean now apps are far more efficient and can still perform in the background while they are not active, without hampering the overall performance of the system.

The new version would provide support for all the major social networks, so you know what’s keeping you busy!

The latest update would have a special place for enhanced iCloud facilities such as AirDrop, which would let you share docs with other devices. An awesome control over the Graphical interface and enhanced OpenGL functionality gives you a better graphics rendering experience.

Talking about Graphics there is yet another much awaited nuance which needs special mentioning the ‘UI’, which has seen a drastic change with the new release, with this update it surely does seem that Apple has made its Graphic designers work hard and give an amazing experience for the average Joe. Using elements of blur, transparency and a special adding of layers for giving that effect of depth lends a lot to the looks of the new operating system. The contemporary and digitally authentic look is surely going to get the designers a pat on their backs.

Hi, I am Mr Creative App maker and I wish to know what is in store?

Apple has carefully put a thought into for you guys, the company has seriously encouraged you to let you become more proactive and productive and let your creative juice do the talking through your apps.

By offering over 1500 new APIs to work with Apple would suggest you should do some rework on your perspective on designing apps for various iOS kins.

It also reveals peer to peer SDK which would let you setup up something exclusive in terms of frameworks to provide ease to end users to share data on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and P2P.

Apple’s stress on major Social media networking sites as talked about earlier gives not only Users but also has opportunities related to app developers and mobile marketers.

Steve Jobs was a very creative person, I am sure if Steve is looking from up there, I am sure he knows his legacy is being taken good care of.