An app developer’s bane!!!

What is the most common conundrum for an app developer or for any outsourcing partner? It’s how efficaciously they can provide a solution to their clients, keeping all the resources at hand and that too in constraint.

The focal point of every project is to deliver the best solution keeping all the other three variables in control. These three variables include Price, Time and Features. But this is where the theory of marginal utility comes into play.

Let’s break this dilemma with the help of a clone which will include the basic quadrant which can best describe the customer’s expectations.



If you get the desired quality at acceptable prices, on time with all the features, then that is definitely a dream and a nightmare for a developer.

Go Liberal

When we talk about marginal utility, this basically describes a situation wherein you have to let go off one thing to achieve the other.


  • If you want quality of the solution at a cheap price, that too at your earliest, then you have to sacrifice on features.
  • If you desire to have all the full-blown features in a short span of time, and at a cheap price then you have to forgo the quality
  • If you wish to have an amazing solution at a low price with all full-blown features, then you have to go slow on time.
  • If your desire is to have all of the quality, features and timely solution, and want to make it a standalone app among thousands of them, then you have to find the best developers, pamper them with high price and get the desired solution.

The best way to crack this is to understand that there is a thing called, ‘line of best fit’. Identify the customer’s expectations; line them up in order of their preferences. Once you are done with that, you can set and meet the realistic expectation of the customers. Creating a best solution is not always saying ‘yes’ to everything, rather be transparent.