‘Internet of Things’ – Revolutionizing the future of Manufacturing

Anybody who has gathered enough business acumen to run his own business or is supposed to run somebody else’s business has always yearned for an insight into his different business processes.

The manufacturing process in particular has always been an enigma. I mean, it’s not that the manufacturing process hasn’t advanced, PLC and SCADA systems have always pitched in their two cents, but there has still existed a need to improve, refine the process from a holistic point of view. What was missing was a way to make the process more tangible, which can give decision makers insights to make intelligent decisions, which are, based not just on experience but actual real time data.

So basically, the ‘Internet of Things’ is a smarter way of Reporting?
No, it isn’t just a reporting tool, it’s much more than a MIS system. With ‘Internet of Things’ you can let yourself achieve in the following ways

1. People connecting to the correct device at the correct time, yes imagine if your factory maintenance personnel could connect with the manufacturing equipment and see it’s real time efficiency and if with the correct tools they can align the efficiency data and collate it with the maintenance data. They can actually predict when that particular machine would actually need maintenance, spare part exchange and more, which essentially would mean absolutely no down time, hence the hike in production figures.

2. Process Oriented Decision Making – Imagine an automobile company and it’s professional getting a notification every time it’s paint shop get’s too humid and he can effectively stop the paint process and in turn stop the process, which if he hadn’t would have to redone, thus saving on wastages.

3. Logistics and Supply Chain Managements – Using IOT the machines gain intelligence on their own, shortage of parts, ordering in advance and within the threshold values as decided by their operators is not a thing of the past. The overall system can manage and supervise itself and coordinate for breakdown with further processes in the manufacturing stage to reduce production by certain amount of calculated levels.

So How does this whole ‘Internet of Things’ help me streamline my manufacturing process?

Dex Consulting is one of the few companies, which have actually understood the process of IOT. We are in the business of making mobile phone apps and with the ‘Internet of Things’ and Industrialization 4.0 coming in the picture, we know it’s going to be our forte in the coming years. Having successfully enabled ‘Internet of Things’ in the retail sector and manufacturing industry for our existing clientele. Tell us your views on the post and Stay tuned for more updates on ‘Internet of things’ here.